Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems allow us to have the screen of our mobile phone on the central screen of our vehicle (on the infotainment system
screen). We can have at our disposal a wide range of applications such as Spotify, Waze etc. that we use on our smartphone. Voice commands are used to interact with the various functions to ensure the safety of the user. As an example, it you want to reach you friend: John Doe, all you have to do is vocalize a command: Call John Doe.

You can use the GPS (Google Maps, Waze, TomTom etc) from your smartphone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, BUT keep in min that only your main (central) EV’s GPS takes into account your real distance to empty, the weather conditions, topography, driving style, etc. So only the central GPS can display the actual distance you can travel. 


You can register up to 5 devices on a Bluetooth list. But you can only use one device at a time.